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The first thing truck accident lawyers Houston do when presented with a case is to assess its potential for damage recovery.  Even though it might seem impersonal to someone suffering from loss, both financially and personally, it is, in fact, nothing more than figures to a lawyer thinking about taking on a customers.

It has to be this way.  As a layperson, you can attempt to assess your case before you set up your first meeting.  If you make some appointments, however, you’ll get free professional evaluations that will tell you whether you have something worth pursuing in court.  These evaluations can be an important tool in deciding whether or not to keep your case. 

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Parts of evaluating a case

The first part of evaluating a case is a liability.  When evaluating this part of the circumstance, experience Houston truck accident lawyers will look at some factors.  One of the larger concerns is how grievous the neglect was in the case.  A semi driver, who had been drunk at the time of the wreck, is going to be sympathetic to a jury that a person who missed a driver in his blind spot.  They will also wish to evaluate how easily the negligence could be shown to a jury.  Although settlements are common in these situations, a part of what drives a good settlement is a fear of what might happen in court.  If the opposing party doesn’t have any reason to fear the jury, a settlement might be hard to procure.

Truck accident lawyer Houston will also need to carefully look at what kinds of damages occurred as a result of the truck wreck.  While suffering and pain can come into play when arguing before a jury and negotiating for a settlement, they could barely be relied upon when evaluating a case.  Because of this, a Houston attorney for the truck crash will be looking for hard facts and figures, such as medical bills or lost wages.  These financial damages are easily proven, and their amounts will often play a huge part in deciding whether the lawyer will take on the case.  Smaller firms are usually more willing to take on smaller instances.

A jury’s judgment is only worth as much as an insurance company or an individual can pay.  If you sue an uninsured person with a low paying job, you can get a payoff of millions, but it won’t mean something regarding real money.  Truck accident attorney Houston also has to consider collectability when deciding which cases to take and which ones to pass on.  You can do the same in many cases.  If you’re thinking about moving forward with a case against a defendant with few sources, you might win a judgment that is good for little more than bragging rights.

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